Data Warehouse
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In implementing Data Warehousing solutions one wrong decision could prove costly and seal an application's fate in terms of a future re-write. Our architects can help improve your core business processes and implement solutions that help you measure customer experience, improve customer service, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce costs and ultimately enhance your business performance.

Our Approach

Our architects pride themselves in choosing the right methodology and design and can make precise decisions on data storage, collection and retrieval. Our architects are masters at assessing existing data, understanding and forecasting business intelligence needs, managing data & information strategy, seamlessly integrating with the enterprise wide strategy and helping shape it, providing thought leadership and helping the end user transform his vision into reality. To say it simply, ' We hold your hands all the way ...'

The fundamental strategy behind our Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence approach relies on building architecturally sound solutions that brings about a significant ROI in addition to satisfying all the business goals. Once designed, we work with our clients to develop and deploy our solutions using proven industry methods, products and toolsets. All the way from beginning to end we ensure proper business alignment and evade pitfalls like traditional “IT-Centric” and “Tools-Driven” approaches.

Our Delivery Models ranging from onsite professional services to a hybrid offshore based model can result in significant cost savings between 50 - 70 percent compared to your current spending.