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Our recruiting process is at the heart of our business strategy. At GERS Group we understand that our consultants are our most important assets that define our business. So we ensure that our recruiters understand the business well and function as artists that craft the right solution for your resourcing needs.


Our Professional Services consultants are identified with the single goal of driving performance in the client's project. The consultant's skillsets are meticulously mapped to the position's requirements by a technical recruiter who not only sees the obvious but also sees beyond to ensure that he has the required experience and acumen to jump into any project situation and drive performance.


A Direct-Hire resouce needs to offer much more than what a short-term employee offers in terms of loyalty and a passion for your business. At GERS Group we understand the criticality of a Direct-Hire process and have put in place a comprehensive strategy that helps consistently identify the right resource to serve your company's long term needs.

Customized Resourcing

The amount of investment GERS Group has invested in its resourcing strategy has made possible the creation of a vast array of resourcing solutions that can be customized to the specific needs of a client. Be sure to discuss your specific needs with one of our resource managers.