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With GERS Group’ outsourcing and managed services for business processes and applications, organizations can focus on their core business while driving innovation and efficiency. GERS Group helps clients deal with constant change in business and technology. We provide technology services that can deliver measurable business results. We utilize our experience and best practices while partnering with clients and design solutions tailored to meet their needs. We offer a wide range of services within two key focus areas:

Services Model

On-Site Managed Services

Our consultants use their consulting and technical knowledge to ensure that they understand the needs of our clients in terms of their vision, goals and issues. This enables them to share our clients’ goals and act as key drivers behind positive change. From assessment to planning or from program deployment to optimization, our consultants apply a proven process to every project to ensure that the client gets the most from their investment. We are committed to delivering total solutions, which fit the specific needs of our clients, regardless of the size of the organization.

Off-Shore Services

As companies become increasingly globalized, the Off-Shore services become a key part of the strategy behind distributed business process operations and Information Technology. GERS Group can help its clients fulfill this strategy through our Off-Shore Center of Excellence. Our Off-Shore professionals have advanced business skills with strong technical background and excel in delivering high quality products and services on time with low cost.