GERS Group envisions achieving a high level of IT excellence using innovative service models and state of the art Project Management. This level shall serve as a benchmark for our competitors and also continue to evolve and remains as a GERS Group standard in the years to come.

Mission Statement

  1. GERS Group keeps its employees and its clients at the pinnacle of its excellence.

  2. We have a sound recruiting and professional development strategy for building a strong workforce.

  3. We make a serious effort to truly understand the needs of our clients and are driven to satisfy them.

  4. We believe in a strong code of ethics that its leadership and employees shall follow and take pride in.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy revolves around a strong set of core-values, a broad understanding of its business domain and a dynamic business model that seamlessly adapts to changes in the business environment.

Strengths & Core Competencies

  • Long experience in the Information Technology domain.

  • A clear sense of purpose and vision.

  • Offshore capabilities in India.

Fast Facts

  • GERS Group is a fast growing company with highly experienced resources.

  • It is built around a strong Project Management team and a team of Solution Architects specializing in exclusive services.

  • Putting together the right team is very important for the success of any initiative. Today’s business problems demand unique solutions that provide a unique business advantage. Satisfying this is our philosophical vision.

  • We believe living our vision requires a strong and experienced technical resource base, meaningful technical services and a robust management process. GERS Group is built around these fundamental strengths.

  • Our service offerings:

    • Solution Architecture Planning and Implementation.

    • Application Re-engineering and Enhancement.

    • Application Support Services.

    • Quality Assurance Services.

  • Our technology specializations include:

    • Data warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions

    • Web 2.0 based J2EE solutions.

    • Microsoft based associated technology solutions.

    • ERP Solutions.