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Insurance companies face themselves in the unenviable position of being under pressure due to a lot of factors. Internal Shareholders, Government Regulations, Industry consolidation, changing market situations and the need for constant transformation are all part of the factors.

This situation demands that insurance companies have a very efficient Information Technology workforce that can swiftly react to bring new products to market, be able to leverage existing assets, architect a solid foundation that can evolve seamlessly as business grows…

Be it providing seamless support to business and end-users through innovation and execution, or helping realize exceptional business value our solution architects and consultants have done it all … Some notable value propositions from GERS Group include:

  • Strength in terms of process experience leading to responsiveness, experience and business flexibility.
  • Strong Business experience in the areas of Pricing, Customization Rules, Underwriting Models, Claims Processing, Risk Modeling etc.,
  • Capability in terms of IT domains: Application Development, Data warehouse & BI, ERP, BPM etc., (Please see our Solutions and Services tab.)